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Daniel Alvarado posted this 29 January 2023

Hello guys, 

I´ve made a test connection between google analytics and bigquery. I checked the  Bigquery dataset and it has data since Nov 2020.

However my GA data goes back to 2015. 

Do you know how could I use skyvia to pull all historical data?

Thanks a lot!!



Yevheniia Bilotserkovska posted this 31 January 2023

Hello Daniel.

Thank you for contacting us.

You are talking about the dates in the Date column, right?

Could you please run the following Query and check if it returns records with dates between 2015 and 2020?

Please send us a screenshot of the result.

SELECT t."Date"

  FROM CompleteAnalytics AS t

WHERE ((t."Date" BETWEEN '2015-01-01' AND '2020-11-01'))

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska.