How to configure the data synchronization from Hubspot to SQL Server

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Chandanesh KC posted this 19 March 2021


I have replicated the data from Hubspot to SQL Server, but now I want to set up synchronization for the data from Hubspot to SQL Server (One way) not vice versa/ not to update the data from SQL server to Hubspot,

I have done it once and it created the duplicates in the Hubspot, so Is there any way to sync the data only from Hubspot to SQL Server.

Please let me know if any customisation needs to be done?

So that I can opt for it and we want to buy the subscription of Skyvia(for data integration) so.







Mariia Zaharova posted this 19 March 2021

Hello Chandanesh,


At the moment, Skyvia Synchronization operation is used to synchronize data between cloud CRMs and relational databases in both directions only.

If you want to migrate data from Hubspot to SQL Server one-way repeatedly, the synchronization package will not fit this scenario for now.

You can try using the Import package with the UPSERT operation. UPSERT operation updates a record if it exists or inserts a new record. Please note, in this case, deleted records will not be processed. 

Also, UPSERT operation requires the primary key of the target database table to be auto-generated.

Some useful information:


If you encounter any issues with this, please feel free to contact us.


Best regards,