How to ignore records that are not found in the target database during update operation

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Leonid Klimovich posted this 07 August 2020

I have MySQL to Salesforce integration configured as an update operation.

I want the package to update corresponding records and do nothing when corresponding record is not found in Salesforce. That is why I've chosen update operation instead of upsert one.

However I get error log saying that operation is failed and the number of failed rows corresponds to the number of records that are not found in target database (Salesforce). 

In other words I have error messages when it is working as expected. 

How can I eliminate those error log and make it just ignore the row when correcponding record is not found is Salesforce?

The thing is it looks like we have syncornization failing while it is not.


Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Leo

Mariia Zaharova posted this 07 August 2020

Hello Leonid,


Thank you for contacting our Skyvia Team!


This is the expected behavior.

There is no way to disable logging for failed records. When package run finishes with at least one failed record, the state is marked as Failed. However, this does not mean that package failed completely. The package works as expected, i.e. some records are processed correctly and some records are failed. 


Best regards,