How to sync only customers from a particular website within Magento

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Hugo Catarino posted this 21 November 2017

I have a magento2 server with multiple websites running on it and I'm trying to do a sync with my shopify customers.


I would like to sync only customers of a particular website within Magento (websiteID: 2) as i configured in the Queries section), not all of them (even because this runs into duplicate e-mail entries in case the same person is registered in the different websites. Is it possible in skyvia? how could i do it?


thanks in advance, 

Mariia Zaharova posted this 21 November 2017

Unfortunately, filters are not supported in Synchronization packages. You can specify filter settings to filter data being imported, exported or replicated:


However, you can try the following solution: set the mapping for Website_Id field (Magento) like it shown below


For constant use the value that is required for your scenario. In this case, customers will be synced from Shopify to Magento's website_id=2 and only the customers from Magento's website_id=2 will be synced to Shopify.

Some useful information is available here: , (Mapping in Synchronization Tasks)


Please tell us if this helps.