How we can run SOQL inner query in Skyvia?

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Amar Dhaliwal posted this 14 January 2022

Hi Team , I have below query to run 

SELECT Name,ccrz__SKU__c,ccrz__ShortDescRT__c,(select Id,ccrz__Price__c from ccrz__E_PriceListItems__r where ccrz__Pricelist__r.ccrz__PricelistId__c ='UP_Price_Main' LIMIT 1),(select ccrz__URI__c from ccrz__E_ProductMedias__r where ccrz__URI__c != null LIMIT 1) FROM ccrz__E_Product__c where ccrz__Storefront__c = 'UsedPartsStore' and ccrz__ProductType__c = 'Product' and (CreatedDate = LAST_N_DAYS:7 OR LastModifiedDate= LAST_N_DAYS:7) ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC

I want to export this data to SFTP server , is this inner query supported by Skyvia? if yes, how ?


Olena Romanchuk posted this 17 January 2022

 Hello Amar,

SOQL is not supported by Skyvia.
However, with Skyvia you can run SQL queries against the data source. Skyvia Query is an online SQL client and query builder tool that allows querying and managing cloud and relational data with SQL statements. You can enter SQL statements via code editor or compose SELECT statements with a visual query builder.
Please find more information regarding the supported SQL statements here

best regards, Olena Technical Support Engineer