I have two packages one works one doesn't can you tell me the difference?

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Jennifer Huston posted this 09 September 2020

Good afternoon,

I have two packages that are identical except one gets the source from Amazon S3 and the second from my hard drive.  There are three tasks in the package.  The first upserts each line as a contact in Salesforce.  The second two rows insert a custom object record.  The error I'm getting is "The column delimiter for column "Location : Name" was not found."

However, when I save the csv to my computer and try the other package it goes off without any errors.  So can you tell me what is different about the Amazon package that causes those errors to happen?

The Amazon S3 one runs once a day and I can attach a sample source file.  This is the report I get errors on.  

  • Amazon S3 Package: Import Onboarding Employees to Salesforce
  • Hard Drive Package: Import Onboarding Employeees from PC

Thank you,

Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 September 2020

Hello Jennifer,


"The column delimiter for column "Location : Name" was not found."


Such an error may occur in case if you set the Text Qualifier option, for example, to a double quotation mark (") and some columns in your CSV file contain data with a double quotation mark (e.g. HTML, XML formats, etc.).

Or maybe there were some changes in the format of your CSV file and it does not correspond to the structure of the file that were previously added to the task. In this case, we recommend you to try reloading your CSV file to your Import task or create a new package.


In cases when some columns in your CSV file contain data with double quotation marks, you can either try excluding this column from your CSV file or try changing its data so that it doesn't contain double or single quotation marks, etc.


Please let us know if this information helps.


Best regards,