I reached 500K records

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shachar segev posted this 09 June 2022

I got a message that I reached 500K reocrds and synch stop running
It doesn't make sense to me that I synched so many reocrds
Can you send me a report of amount of records per table or synch that I have done ?

Olena Romanchuk posted this 15 June 2022


Thanks for contacting our Skyvia support team.
We assume the package https://app.skyvia.com/#/103925/packages/163880 has hit your monthly record limit.
You can see the number of processed records on your own in the package run history

Just open the package, go to the Log tab, select the needed time range and you will see each run and the number of processed records.
As we can see, your record limit will be automatically reset on the 19th of June.

Best regards,


Technical Support Engineer