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Michael Schuler posted this 02 June 2017

I'm looking to set up a connection between a CSV file and MailChimp and I've been able to do a simple insert but the CSV file contains records to be added and updated. However, when I try to set up the Update or Upsert connection, I'm required to specify the ID field, which I do not have in our CSV data.

Normally, I would upload the file manually and check off the option to auto-update the list in the MailChimp import process. We're needing to automate this process, which is why I'm working through your connector.

Let me know if there's any way to collect the ID number from MailChimp and insert it into the connector dynamically or any other options.


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 06 June 2017

Update and Upsert operations require the ID field to be specified. Here is the information how UPSERT works: if ID is set, package performs UPDATE even if ID is incorrect. If there is a NULL value instead of the ID, package performs INSERT and ID is generated automatically. Thus: the ID field must be mapped, but it could contain NULL value. I.e. if there is no such column in the CSV file or if it is a lookup that returns NULL, the INSERT operation will be performed. 

You can try the following solution (Upsert operation):

1) Set the Lookup mapping for Id field (MailChimp): 

Lookup Object: ListMembers

Resulted Column: Id

Lookup Key Column: ListId

Column: ListId (or set it as Constant value)

Lookup Key Column: Email

Column: Email

2) Open Options and select "Set null when no match found" (this option is required only for Upsert operation):

3) Map ListId to Constant (set the necessary ListId value) and set mapping for the Email field

4) Set mapping for other fields, if necessary, etc.

Please also refer to:

To get ListId you can use:

Please tell us if this information helps.

Michael Schuler posted this 08 June 2017

Thanks for the information! I did end up finding some of that but not all of it - including the lookup key of ListId being necessary. I've added those in and other than needing to get past a MailChimp suspicious API block, I think I'm in good shape.

If anything else comes up, I'll follow up at that point.