Import custom fields to active campaign

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Julen Reartes posted this 22 September 2021

Hi, i need to import contacts to active campaign from csv file. How can i do to import custom fields values? 

Thank you

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Chris O'Neill posted this 22 September 2021

Hi Julen,

You have to set the target in Skyvia as 'ContactCustomFieldValues'. You''re going to need the id of the contact, and the id of the field you are mapping the value to. 

In order to get each of those you may need to export existing contacts and custom fields from ActiveCampaign.


If you haven't yet imported contacts then you can do it as a multiu stage process.

1. Create the custom fields in ActiveCampaign 

2. Import your contacts (standard fields) through the Active Campaign interface or Skyvia

3. Export contacts via Skyvia to get the contact id

4. Export custom fields via Skyvia to get the id of each custom field

5. Map your custom fields to the right contact id and field id

6. Import that csv via Skyvia.


If this is a one off, you can import custom field data for contacts directly through the Active Campaign import contacts.


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 23 September 2021

Hello Chris,


Thank you for your response here.

We are processing your request and will answer you shortly.


Best regards,