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Laurent Michel posted this 09 May 2019

Hi, i created ticket because i didn't receive answers from me email 

I need advice / validation for ou import / export betwin salesforce and CSV file form FTP


We have 2 Flows :


Flow 1 :

CSV form FTP > CRM Salesforce (in copy the csv)) Object = contact Upsert / External ID like Key |on CSV = CLIENT.NOINTER and on salesforce = IDcontactMaestro__c

- If the contact is created on our ERP the ID is generate by our ERP, if it's upgraded on ERP we don't have problems and if it's new it's ok we have automatic workflow to complete the field IDcontactMaestro on salesforce with salesforce ID

- If the contact is created on Salesforce, flow 2


Flow 2 :

CRM Salesforce > CSV on FTP

Objet = contact

Upsert with filters (I think I need your confirmation to do that)

- If the field IDcontactMaestro__c  is empty (so it's salesforce new contact and we will use salesforce id on our erp so it will be IDcontactMaestro)

- For modifications I have problems to make decision... I can use last time updated sinon yesterday 00h01 but except my last import so with filter like user = me and idcontactmaetro contain 15 caracteres (if i can do that ?)


Result : I can create a new contact on ERP or on Salesforce and also update contact on both of us / for now we planned to have 1 flow per day will be on the night


Or Thing like this on skyvia ? 


Simon Bubnov posted this 10 May 2019

We have answered you via e-mail on May 7, 2019, an hour after your email. We have also resent our answer via email again. Does the provided information help you?