Import package from BigCommerce not importing data to SQL Server

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Ben Townsend posted this 4 weeks ago

We have a Import package that is fetching data from BigCommerce and importing to SQL Server.

After running the package we can see that it succeeds, and we see the correct resulting data in the log-preview data view within Skyvia, so we know that Skyvia is retrieving the correct data.

However, when we query our table in SQL Server, we get nothing. We've triple checked to make sure the specified target table is correct. We have imported data to this table before with the same connection, so we know that the auth and connection info is all correct. What is going wrong here?

Any insight and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Ben,


We are processing your request and will answer you by email as soon as possible.


Best regards,