Import Package from SQL server

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Alex Ramos posted this 30 March 2020


I am trying to import data from SQL server to Salesforce. This will be an every day We need to import scheduled for every day where all records that were of the previous data (yesterday) have to be imported. 

However, the task editor does not accept formula for filter date equals yesterday or today. 

can you please help 

Mariia Zaharova posted this 31 March 2020



We have checked your package "sandbox connection". As we can see, you are using:

1) Filter for the source data: Date equals TODAY. 

This filter is correct in case if you need to perform source data only if the column Date equals TODAY.

Regarding filters please see:


2) Expression mapping for the Date field: "TODAY"

This Expression is incorrect, please remove it. Expression mapping does perform any filtering. The mapping settings indicate what values are sent to the target fields.

You can use Column mapping here and map the target Date field to the source Date column. Regarding mapping please check:


Best regards,