Import Package taking longer than usual to process

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Jay Ong posted this 11 March 2021

Hi Skyvia Support,


One of my normal scheduled imports has been stuck in a queued state for the past 3 & 1/2 hours. The import normally takes ~7 sec to complete. I tried to cancel the job the state changes to 'Canceling', but nothing happens. When I refresh the page the status changes back to 'Queued'.


Please help!


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Jay Ong posted this 11 March 2021

I've tried this 7hrs later and still the same issue. I hope this issue is resolved soon.


PubliBike Webmaster posted this 11 March 2021

same here

  • I have 3 jobs, that should run hourly and would take a few seconds, they are hanging "queued".
  • I noticed 2 jobs, that should have run @3 am and were only executed after 8 am, this huge lag disturbed other processes

They need to improve

  • the stability
  • fast communication, when there is problem

Mariia Zaharova posted this 11 March 2021

Hello Jay and Daniel,


We are working on the issue with queued packages at the moment.

We are extremely sorry for the outage you have been facing in the last hours.


Best regards,