Insertion Failed because the database is full database or disk is full

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Michael Kumaraswamy posted this 11 December 2017


Ran into this issue today. " An exception has occured during data processing , the message returned from the provider is : Insertion failed because the database is full dtabase or disk is full'  - TASK ID : 9627064

Task will be under user [email protected]

Previous runs of this task sucessfull inserted records with no errors.

The 1st run today failed with no errors . Tried running the task again to insert 1 record & succeded. Running the task again to migrate all record (4703) gives this error.

Trying to understand who the provider is mentioned in the error - Is it Skyvia / SFDC (or) AWS?   


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Simon Bubnov posted this 13 December 2017

This is a rare issue on the Skyvia side. We have made some changes, and when we update Skyvia, the issue should not occur again.