Integrating Salesforce to Quickbooks - Unable to populate invoice Line rate and quantity fields

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Joseph Jajati posted this 20 March 2019

Hi There,


Use case:

Integrating Salesforce to Quickbooks:

Salesforce                   Quickbooks

Accounts                      Customers

Contacts                       Customers

Opportunities              invoices and InvoiceLines


We are trying to integrate salesforce & Quickbooks using the package 67162. 

For invoices line we are sending the data in Json format as specified below as per the sample provided in the help content.



"LineNum": 1.0,   

"Description": "Weekly Gardening Service",  

"Amount": 140.0,   

"DetailType": "SalesItemLineDetail",   

"SalesItemLineDetail_ItemRefName": "Gardening",   

"SalesItemLineDetail_UnitPrice": 35.0,   

"SalesItemLineDetail_Qty": 4.0,   

"SalesItemLineDetail_TaxCodeRefId": "NON"  



"LineNum": 2.0,   

"Description": "Pest Control Services",  

"Amount": 35.0,   

"DetailType": "SalesItemLineDetail",   

"SalesItemLineDetail_ItemRefName": "Pest Control",   

"SalesItemLineDetail_UnitPrice": 35.0,   

"SalesItemLineDetail_Qty": 1.0,   

"SalesItemLineDetail_TaxCodeRefId": "NON"  


{   "Amount": 175.0,   

"DetailType": "SubTotalLineDetail"  



We are able to sync Accounts, contacts and Invoices however the invoice lines are not populating the Rate & Quantity field though we are sending the values as specified in the above JSON.


Business Effected:

We are evaluating Skyvia and we would need the details if we are missing anything here so that we could confirm that Skyvia would integrate our salesforce to quickbooks so that we could proceed ahead.


Please let us know in case you need any additional information to expedite the case. Thanks!

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Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 20 March 2019

Hello Joseph,


Thank you for contacting our Skyvia Team.


Columns Quantity and Rate should be explicitly selected for reflection in your QuickBooks account.


Please follow this guide:


Let us know if it worked.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.