invalid query locator

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Data loader skyvia posted this 25 May 2022

While Migrating records of attachment from my old org to new using skyvia getting this error in Package
RunId for the Job is 93203135

Provide a solution as it's affecting our busuiness 

Nataliia Nikulina posted this 5 weeks ago


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team.

Each Salesforce user can have up to 10 query cursors open at a time. This is a hard-coded limit that cannot be increased. If 10 query locator cursors are opened when a client application attempts to open a new one, then the oldest cursor is released. If a call is attempted to an expired or released cursor, platform will return the 'INVALID_QUERY_LOCATOR' error. To avoid this error, ensure that the client code is not holding open more than 10 query locator cursors.  If multiple processes are running using the same user, make sure that their combined query locator cursor count remains at 10 or below. 

Please review the following guide for more information:

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