Invoice Line Item ID Missing for Stripe sync

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  • Last Post 24 September 2022
Kristi Campbell posted this 23 September 2022

I have a job running to pull Invoice Line Items - starting yesterday, the Id field is returning blank values, and the Subscription ID field is now returning the il_ value. Did something change?

This is a screenshot from the successful job on the 13th

This is the same job failing today

here's what the mapping looks like

I ran a straight export, and the output is the same (Id is blank, Subscription ID has the il_ values)

not only do I not get an ID but I also lose the values from SubscriptionID which was already confusing as it has both sub_ IDs and ii_ IDs depending on the Type

Stripe says the information on their end is correct and nothing has changed. Was there a change on the Skyvia end?

Mariia Zaharova posted this 24 September 2022

Hello Kristi,


We are processing your request and will answer you by email as soon as possible.


Best regards,