Issue Exporting to OneDrive Business

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Pau Djuric posted this 10 May 2022

I am looking to export csv data out from our CRM to a Business OneDrive folder.

The connections and Packages all seem fine and are created without an issue. When I run the package it throws an error of 'The resouce could not be found'.

Thought I would try exporting to my personal OneDrive account and creating a local file and this worked without an issue which leads me to suspect that the issue lies with my Business Account. Any pointers on where I should be looking?

Olena Romanchuk posted this 16 May 2022

Hello Paul, 

We have checked your package. As we can see the error occurs sporadically.
This error indicates that the selected folder could not be found.

We assume that the following case is happening: You choose the folder in the package, then a successful run follows.  After that this OneDrive folder may be recreated with the same name by someone or something, and the subsequent package runs fail until the folder is chosen again and the package is resaved.
OneDrive on the backend operates with the folders Ids, not names. Thus, when the folder is recreated with the same name, it has another Id.  It may seem like the path is not changed, but in fact, it refers to another folder Id.

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Technical Support Engineer

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