Issues with sync package between Salesforce and MySQL DB

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Athena Alliance posted this 07 July 2021

Morning, I do have an scheduled sync package that runs every 20 minutes ( Not sure why, but every morning it runs a full sync batch and it always fails. Can you help me find out what might be going on? Not sure what is triggering it as we aren't changing any info on the used table.

Olena Romanchuk posted this 08 July 2021


We have checked the package from our side.
It looks like something is executed in the Target database which makes changes to the object.


If you look at the history details of the runs, which look like full sync (for example Run Id 61872329), you can see the time interval, for which changes were synchronized. The log indicates that this run has processed the changes made from Jul 7, 2021, 4:508 PM to Jul 7, 2021, 5:11:46 PM.

Also if it had been full sync, the synchronization would have run in both directions, but in this case, the Run Id 61872329 has processed only the changes made in the database, from target to source only.


We would recommend you to check the automatic jobs on your server which may change data in the Contact table in the database.


Or you can monitor the exact changes using the Contacttrackingstore table. This table stores the data to be processed by each next run. According to the log, the Contact object is being changed daily at the same time:

If you monitor the data in the Contacttrackingstore table at the time interval between successful and potential problem runs, you may catch the exact changes made to the Contact table in the database.

The problems runs failed because they contain records processed with errors. The Error Rows column displays the number of failed rows in total for a selected package run. If some rows failed, the number of failed rows is displayed as a link to per-record error logs, you can preview or download the file. Please find more information here