'Item does not exist' after scheduled run

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Andrae Gaeth posted this 27 August 2017

Hi there, I have an integration job which imports a CSV file from OneDrive to an Azure SQL database. I can set this up fine and, when run manually, it works perfectly.

However, when run on a schedule, it fails, with the error 'item does not exist'. Looking at the Import Task, the package seems to have lost its reference to the CSV file in OneDrive. After re-selecting the file from the drop-down and re-saving, the job can again be run manually fine. However, the job will again fail when run on a schedule.

This is making this un-useable and need help with this asap please.



Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 August 2017

Your import package runs every day by schedule and your .csv file is updated every day before next package run. Is this correct?

OneDrive (as well as Google Drive) works with files and folders via unique IDs instead of names. In case, if you delete the .csv files from OneDrive first, and then copy a new file with the same name to OneDrive, import task will fail with the "Item does not exist." error because this file has new ID. In order to solve the issue, you need to overwrite the file instead of re-creating (deleting and then adding) it.

JIC: With FTP (as well as with DropBox or SFTP), you can specify a file mask using a date/time template instead of selecting a file manually. When package runs, it will search the file to import by substituting the current date to the mask: https://skyvia.com/resources/docs/index.html?importing_csv_files_via_mask.htm 


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