Jira and Hubspot tickets integration

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Linda Ho posted this 09 December 2019

Hi there. I'm looking to integrate Hubspot Service Tickets with Jira Tickets.

There are a few things I'd like it to achieve and would like to talk to someone to learn more about how and if we can set some of these things up.

Some things we'd like to do:

When a Hubspot ticket (Tier 1 Support)goes into X status, auto create a Jira ticket (Tier 2 Support) and pass over certain fields from Hubspot into associated Jira fields and capture the Jira ticket url/id into the Hubspot ticket. Capture the Hubspot ticket id/url in Jira.

See status updates of the Jira ticket in Hubspot. (Tier 2)

See comments of the Jira ticket in Hubspot.

When the Tier 2 ticket gets converted to a Tier 3 ticket, see this status update in Hubspot and post a new ticket #/URL if there is a new one.


Please email me.


Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 10 December 2019

Hello Linda,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

You can set up an integration between HubSpot Tickets and Jira Issues with the help of Skyvia import packages.

However, since we are working with HubSpot and Jira through their APIs there are mandatory fields for mapping. 

For Jira Issues for UPSERT operation among others the following fields are mandatory for mapping: Issuetype_Id, foreign ky from IssueTypes, Project_Id, foreign key from Project and Priority_Id, foreign key from Priority. In order to migrate records successfully, the data from these three related objects must be migrated prior to Issues integration and then it will be possible to configure a lookup, or the fields can be mapped with a constant that corresponds to appropriate values from Jira.

So, provided these objects are integrated and ready, you can set up an import package with HubSpot as a source and Jira as a target, map necessary fields and move data by schedule. There are no triggers in Skyvia but schedule can replace triggers in a certain way and run packages up to every minute.

For moving HubSpot ticket Id/URL to Jira a separate import package can be created.

There is no opportunity to "see" status updates/comments of one system in another one using Skyvia means.

For Tier 2 -> Tier 3 scenario one more import package or a separate task for second import package should be configured. It will have a filter by status or some other field that determines the difference between support levels.

Please note that Jira connector has some limitations in Skyvia. Please check them here.

More details about import package can be found here.

Feel free to contact us back, should you have any questions.