License Limited Exceeded Error

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Jason Burgess posted this 20 March 2018

I keep getting error messages saying I have exceeded license limit. I have the standard level. I have only uploaded 20,000 records.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 21 March 2018

You crossed your license limit

This is a Zoho CRM error and it is not related to Skyvia’s subscription limit. You can check your account details on your account page. To open your account page, click your account name in the upper right corner and then click 'Account'. Or you may simply open the following link:  . On the Account page you will see your current subscriptions with their limits.


The error "You crossed your license limit" may occur when lookup mapping is used with Zoho CRM source. Lookup in Zoho CRM uses getSearchRecords function of Zoho CRM API. This function has the following limitation:

If you use the getSearchRecords or getCVRecords methods, you can send a maximum of 250 calls per day irrespective of your Zoho CRM edition. For more information, please refer to

You can use lookup cache. For this, when editing the lookup mapping, click Options and select "Use cache" check box in the lookup options (in the same place where you selected "Set null when no match found"). For more information, please refer to

In this case, when the package is run, the data from lookup objects will be selected to cache, and lookup is performed over cached data without using the mentioned functions. This allows you not to hit the Zoho CRM limitation for getSearchRecords function calls.