Managing Upsert Record Usage

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Cody Saunders posted this 09 August 2018


I am trying to import records from an sql server database to salesforce using skyvia. I wanted to use the upsert feature so that I did not have duplicate records when running the package.

In salesforce I added a field to a custom object and mapped it to a column in my database through skyvia and wanted to populate that field using my import package. I was expecting it to be run on the full table because it would need to update the empty field. When it ran I saw that there were several errors but also several more successes. I tried to correct the errors by fixing the mapping settings to the field I wanted, and ran the package again.

I noticed that the package was running on the entire table once again even though the fields had already been populated in the previous run of the package so I cancelled the run. 

Is there any way to run the upsert package on only on the errors I got and not the entire table?

Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 August 2018

Hi Cody! This is an expected behavior. Import package with UPSERT operation processes all the source records each package run. The UPSERT operation updates a record if it exists or inserts a new record.

Please take a look at this article:  ( Workaround for relational databases)

The article describes how to configure your package to process only the records that were created or modified since the package creation or since the previous package execution.