merged or deleted company records from Hubspot are not deleted in target

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Bart Jonk posted this 09 June 2020


I noticed that merged companies are not synced correctly when they are merged:they stay alive in the target without proper mark (there is a field "Merged object IDs"?), such that they screw up totals. 

I'm not sure on who's side the problem lies... but this is what I noticed: 

  • Total companies in Hubspot : 204
  • Total companies in the Skyvia target : 206 

When looking at the details I found two companies in the Skyvia target that were no longer in Hubspot.

  • When searching for the companies in the Hubspot UI, you would not get a result.
  • When getting company details through the API (v3) using the companyID, both old and new IDs would result in a result, with attributes related to the new company.  

So, based on this, I would expect Skyvia to be able to deleted the merged company (or mark it, such that I can get it out of the totals). 

Are you able to help me on this? 




Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 June 2020

Hello Bart,


Thank you for contacting us!


We will check this scenario and let you know the results as soon as any are available.


Best regards,