merged or deleted company records from Hubspot are not deleted in target

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Bart Jonk posted this 4 weeks ago


I noticed that merged companies are not synced correctly when they are merged:they stay alive in the target without proper mark (there is a field "Merged object IDs"?), such that they screw up totals. 

I'm not sure on who's side the problem lies... but this is what I noticed: 

  • Total companies in Hubspot : 204
  • Total companies in the Skyvia target : 206 

When looking at the details I found two companies in the Skyvia target that were no longer in Hubspot.

  • When searching for the companies in the Hubspot UI, you would not get a result.
  • When getting company details through the API (v3) using the companyID, both old and new IDs would result in a result, with attributes related to the new company.  

So, based on this, I would expect Skyvia to be able to deleted the merged company (or mark it, such that I can get it out of the totals). 

Are you able to help me on this? 




Mariia Zaharova posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Bart,


Thank you for contacting us!


We will check this scenario and let you know the results as soon as any are available.


Best regards,