MS CRM Activities

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Jason Aldous posted this 04 June 2017

Can you export activities associated with a record such as accounts, opportunities and cases into Zoho CRM?

Simon Bubnov posted this 07 June 2017

If you mean to import related data to Zoho CRM while preserving relations between the imported source objects in target, you can do it in two ways.

1. Use a relation mapping. When using the Relation mapping, Skyvia imports the data to the parent entity first and remembers the corresponding target Ids of the inserted records. When child records will be imported, Skyvia will assign the corresponding new Ids to the corresponding forieng key field, thus preserving the source relation in target. For more information, please refer to

2. Use a lookup mapping to find the corresponding parent id value in target by comparing some unique field of the parent object in target with the corresponding unique field in source. For more information, please refer to