MySQL to Salesforce, Unknown column 'store.ID' in 'field list' error when syncing

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Adam Deyes posted this 10 July 2017

Hi, i'm trying to set up a basic data sync between salesforce and mysql, my SQL table is as follows:

ID - int(11), AUTO_INCREMENT, Primary Key, Unique

First Name - varchar(250)

Last Name - varchar(250)

Email - varchar (250)

Date of Birth - date


My mappings to salesforce is to contacts, all fields are mapped to their respected saleforce counter part, ID is set to a number field in salesforce called User ID, and its there just because it was asking me to map it.ID is my primary key.

the error i get when running the sync is: Unknown column 'store.ID' in 'field list'

Could someone please expalin whats not working? and why, i just want a simple data sync, further more, at a later data we want to sync data between objects/tables and have them connected in salesforce, can this do that?

Adam Deyes posted this 10 July 2017

Hi, have tested, sames there was a cache issue. I have cleared all cache data and it seems to run fine after that.