NetSuite line items in Sales Orders, Invoices, etc.

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Johann Souss posted this 20 October 2020

Has there been any development in the ability to to access and replicate array data in NetSuite for accessing info such as line items in Sales Orders?

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Pavel Vorobiov posted this 20 October 2020

Client asked me to help him with moving data from one db to the other (NetSuite). I checked SO line items in backup and they are absent. Will you do something with it in the nearest future? I like you engine and easy interface but limited functionality makes me look for an alternative.

Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 22 October 2020


Thank you for submitting a ticket.

Skyvia is working with NetSuite through SuiteTalk API and Schema Browser. There are peculiarities in the interaction with this API that do not allow to read these nested arrays with relevant speed.

Recently our development team designed a new runtime. We are constantly moving Skyvia products to this runtime. It can work with nested arrays, so a development in this direction is already in progress.

We will let you know once there are any details.


Johann Souss posted this 23 October 2020

Thank you, Dmitriy. Looking forward to hearing about these developments.