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Kevin Herbert posted this 26 June 2021

I'm suddenly getting this error on many of my imports into salesforce.   The Patient, FundFinder, PHysician, and Portal User packages have this issue. 

Record Type ID: this ID value isn't valid for the user: 012f3000000DyAsAAK

Nataliia Nikulina posted this 02 July 2021

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team.  


Most likely, the reason for the issue is that IsActive value is false or SobjectType is not Contact for a RecordType object.

Please execute a query below to check these values:  


SELECT t.* FROM RecordType AS t where id='012A0000000VvqTIAS'  


Once executed, verify if IsActive is true or false.  


Also, check a value in the SobjectType field - it should be Contact.

To execute a query you need to select New - Query - SQL.

In the opened window, select a relevant Salesforce connection from the list, then paste the query, and click Execute:  



In case if IsActive is false, go to your Salesforce profile and set it to be true or set a SobjectType to be Contact.  


We look forward to hearing from you.  


Kind regards,