New Inserted Records are not transfered

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Stefanie Rankl posted this 12 April 2018


are there any issues with data extensions from Marketing Cloud.

We import data from a data extension in Marketing Cloud into a custom object in Sales Cloud.

On the target I selected "Inserted" in order to insert only new records from the data extension into Salesforce. Unfortunately, it is not working. We insert new records into the data extension but no records are transferred.

See also package ID 46058.

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Simon Bubnov posted this 13 April 2018

State filters work in the following way. Cloud sources have fields, storing timestamps when a record was created or updated. For Salesforce Marketing Cloud these are CreatedDate and ModifiedDate fields. For Salesforce - CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate.

The State filter Inserted means the following: if CreatedDate is greater than the time of last package run, the record is processed by a package; otherwise, it is not processed.


Thus, for SFMC, Skyvia looks for the CreatedDate field in the object, and if it finds the field, it allows using the Inserted state filter when creating the package. CreatedDate is a system field but it is not present in DataExtensions. Judging by the field names of your Bonus_E-Shirts_Processing, we think that the object was created based on a Salesforce object. The list of the fields includes CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate. However, in this object, CreatedDate is just an ordinary field without the trigger. It is not assigned the actual time of record creation when a record is added to Bonus_E-Shirts_Processing. Thus, the new record is not processed by your package.


State filters cannot be used with data extensions, because they do not have corresponding system fields. Yes, you have created a field with the same name as the corresponding system field. This is why you can select the state filter Inserted when creating a package. But this is the ordinary field, which is only named like the system field, but does not behave like one, and thus, using this state filter leads to incorrect package work.


Date field can have default value: "Use Current Date". If you use this value and make the field Nullable, the current date and time will be inserted when inserting a new record. However, unlike the corresponding system field in predefined Salesforce Marketing Cloud object, this field can be modified, and assigned some other value. In this case, the record may not satisfy the state filter Inserted.

You need to click the button marked on the screenshot to activate such default value:

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Stefanie Rankl posted this 19 April 2018

Thank you Simon!