"Next snapshot is disabled"

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Steven Mandeli posted this 22 August 2022

 Scheduler not working. Get message in title above. I saw your response to tickets that cover same issue. You say a paid plan is needed. I paid for a plan, with a PO. Scheduler should work for me. It always did before; this last PO was for a renewal.


See Invoice number 35567.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 23 August 2022

 Hello Steven,


It seems the Schedule has not been activated for this package. Please try to reactivate it and check for further runs. For this:

- open your Backup package;

- open Schedule settings and check them;

- click the Save button for Schedule settings;

- click the Save the button for the Backup package;

- check that the Schedule looks like this


Please tell us if this helps.


Best regards,