No error information visibile in logs - Import

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Mike West posted this 17 June 2021

I am setting up and testing an import flow (FTP to Big query).

The source and output are connected, and validation for the task is succesful, however it is failing (0 success rows, 100% with errors)

Is there anywhere to view any further details about what the error is, what needs to be amended, etc? All I can see on the Monitor and Log pages are 'Failed' with no further information.


Olena Romanchuk posted this 18 June 2021

Hello Mike,

As we can see the 'Use bulk Import' check box is active in your Google BigQuery connection. This type of import provides the best performance, however it does not allow to obtain a per-record error log. To debug the errors in the package you can clear the checkbox and run the package. Please note that disabling the bulk Import provides far less performance and you may quickly hit the BigQuery limit of 1,000 insert statements per day per table, but it is the only way to obtain the errors log. Please find more details here

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.