Not able to map DT_WSTR to DT_I4 using new skyvia expression int4()

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Azeef Hassan posted this 27 April 2022

Hi there,

I am testing Skyvia's Synchornzation package and I have run into an error while mapping a non-pk id column from Salesforce to an empty table in a postgresql DB.

I used the new runtime expression mapping int4(id) when mapping the DT_I4 DB id field to Salesforce but the following error always comes up:

Error evaluating 'id' from expression 'int4(Id)': Cannot convert 'string' to 'int4'.

The DB id field must be mapped according to the sync package and this id field is not the pk as I have created a new column "sync_id" which is an auto-generated pk column.

I am not sure how I can solve this and I hope you can help to provide a solution.

Thank you!

Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 April 2022

 Hello Azeef,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support.


Please specify the package ID or its link so that we are able to check it.


Best regards,