Order import / export packages involving SFTP

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Margaret Ngai posted this 03 October 2021

We have a number of import / export packages involving moving data between SFTP, GSheet & HubSpot. While we can control the order of execution within a package, we can't do that across. E.g. We cannot create a flow where we import from CSV to GSheet, then upon completion of that, export from the GSheet back to CSV. The only way it seems to we can set this type of operations up is using Control Flow stringing together Data Flows. But Data Flow do not allow for SFTP as a source/destination.

Is there a way around this so we can sequence these imports/exports. Right now, we hae them timed, but we do run a risk of one pacakge not being done before the next one begins based on time schedule.

Olena Romanchuk posted this 05 October 2021

Hello Margaret, 

The functionality to run the integration packages in predefined order is under development right now. 
But unfortunately we cannot provide any timeframe when it becomes available for users. 
We will definitely inform you when it is released. 

For now the only way to order the packages executions is their scheduling.

Best regards,
Technical Support Engineer