Package Not Executing

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  • Last Post 16 March 2018
Travis Ramsey posted this 15 March 2018

Our RS Fax package is not executing the sync. This is causing delay's and need this resolved asap. How do we fix? Keep trying to run package again but it just says one is already executing. 

Package Name: 

Sync dbrganizations-RSFax_Organizations__c, dbo.FaxNumbers-Fax_Number__c


Error message received earlier: 

An error occurred with the following error message: "Connection Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed while attempting to consume the pre-login handshake acknowledgement. This could be because the pre-login handshake failed or the server was unable to respond back in time. The duration spent while attempting to connect to this server was - [Pre-Login] initialization=51986; handshake=0; "

Mariia Zaharova posted this 16 March 2018

We have contacted you by email.