packages with upsert option fails when cerating records

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Tory Monahan posted this 01 September 2022

A package was created to insert/update contact records and related records in Salesforce. However, the package fails to insert new records when records specified in the target option are not found. The documentation says that "Set null when no match found" is the option to select for the upsert operation to insert records. We followed the instructions but it still fails. 

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Serhii Muzyka posted this 05 September 2022

Hello Tory,

Sorry for the long response.


After a closer look at your situation, we see the following points:

1. As per Salesforce rules, "Last name" value can't be empty. Please add the value and run the package again.

2. When you are performing UPSERT to Salesforce and using External ID, you do not need to map the ID field. Instead, you need to map the selected External ID field, which is mapped as Required on the Mapping Definition page. See more information about it here:


Should you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Best regards,


Technical Support Engineer