Parameters for sending username and password in my REST application request

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Tony Kablan posted this 09 March 2021


I added a username and password to my Skyvia Connection, now I need to know what parameter to send in my REST API request to Skyvia to pass the username/password  in the request.




Current REST API request:




For example, I  use “sql”  parameter to send the sql query:




                               url: '',


                               method: 'post',


                               data: {


                                                        "sql": sqlString, [parameter to send the user/pw in the REST api request]


                                                        "pageSize": 500,


                                                        "commandTimeout": 60,


                                                       "expireTimeout": 3600,


                                                        "schemaOnly": false






Related support response:


Skyvia Connect supports HTTP Basic Authentication. In case of Basic Authentication:


1) the username and the password must be combined with a colon - testuser:testpwd 


2) the resulting string is base64 encoded - dGVzdDp0ZXN0"


What parameter do I use to pass the username and password to the Skyvia endpoint?


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 March 2021

Hello Tony,


Your request is in progress.

We will answer you by email as soon as possible.


Best regards,