Pipedrive to Power BI - OData connection

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Diogo Lenzi posted this 06 February 2022


I'm having difficulties connecting the OData Endpoint to Power BI. It seems that some of the tables do not upload. I have tried the connection from other ways as well, creating a table through Bigquery and the same problem happens. So I am concluding the problem lies on the Skyvia side, given the fact I'm also testing this process flow with other platforms and they work properly. I what I am doing wrong...

The tables simply don't seem to load.


Does anyone have an insight into what might be the problem here?

Thank you very much!

Olena Romanchuk posted this 09 February 2022

Hello Diogo, 

We are sorry for the delay with reply. 
We are currently investigating the case on our side and will revert to you with the result as soon as possible

best regards,



Technical Support Engineer