Please Cancel the Job 13554106 and 13552937

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  • Last Post 17 July 2018
Lars Houffmann posted this 17 July 2018

Jobs 13554106 and 13552937 are taking too much time to complete , please look ointo this and let us know the issue behind this and also let us know once if you can cancel this jobs.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 17 July 2018

Hi Lars! Both jobs were cancelled. As we have mentioned in the chat, when you run your packages, Salesforce returns the following error: BulkApiException: Failed to read request. Exceeded max size limit of 10000000

This error occurs at Salesforce side and is related to Salesforce Bulk API limitations:


Most likely, one or more of your attachments is too large and the mentioned error occurs. 


Also, please note, Skyvia uses SOAP API for data retrieve. Usually one API call is used for 2000 records. However, the Attachment entity is processed in a special way. One API call is used for each record of the Attachment entity.

Thus, if you have many records in the Attachment entity or your attachements are large, the job can use many API calls and take much time.