Pricing for Multiple Data Sources and 1 Destination

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Arnab Jain posted this 03 March 2021

Hi Skyvia Team, 

I love the SAAS platform you have built. 
I would like to know the prices when I have multiple data sources ?
Currently you have mentioned prices as per the data records not no. of sources.

Many thanks,

Mariia Zaharova posted this 03 March 2021

Hello Arnab,


Skyvia pricing plans do not depend on the number of sources you are using but depend on the number of records processed per month and schedule settings. 


The price and limits are specified for one Skyvia account per month:

For import and replication, the number of records successfully added/modified/deleted in the target objects or tables, is counted. 

For export, we count the number of records added to the CSV file. 

For synchronization, the total number of records, successfully added, modified, or deleted in both sources, is counted. 

For each package run, you can find the number of records used in the package Run History.


Best regards,