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Maurizio Martinoli posted this 05 November 2018



hello, i have a problemi was trying to extract only a limited number of tickets from my zendesk integration but i did not suceedmy target was to extract all the tickets that did not match certain criteria (please see "Export Ticket All (no FB + no MVF)") but for some reasons the criteria i had set are not working and it keeps extracting all the tickets now the system is telling me that i have reached the limit but the problem is that i did not actually manage to do what i was supposed to develop can you please reset my counter so that i can extract the real tickets that i need to work on? Otherwise i am really stuck

Looking forward to hearing from you regards

Mariia Zaharova posted this 06 November 2018

We reset counters for your account. You can check your account details on your account page. To open your account page, click your account name in the upper right corner and then click 'Account'. Or you may simply open the following link:


Please check that you are using correct filters in your Export packages. Also, you can try building queries with similar filters in Skyvia Query Tool and compare results: