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Matt Paff posted this 3 weeks ago

Update Query QBo Vendors table Hi, curious is it possible to write an update query for the Vendors table in QBo, cannot get it to work... If so can you provide a sample of the syntax?

Update table Set column = "" Where.... ??

Thanks in advance.


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Simon Bubnov posted this 3 weeks ago

You can use the following query to update Vendor. We try to use as many updatable columns in this table as possible.


UPDATE Vendor SET Title = 'test title', GivenName = 'test name', MiddleName = 'test middle name', FamilyName = 'test Family name', Suffix = 'test', CompanyName = 'test company name', DisplayName = 'test display name', PrintOnCheckName = 'test print', PrimaryPhone_FreeFormNumber = '7777777', AlternatePhone_FreeFormNumber = '1', Mobile_FreeFormNumber = '7777777', Fax_FreeFormNumber = '7777777', PrimaryEmailAddr_Address = 'test@email.com', WebAddr_URI = 'http://www.booksbybessie.co', BillAddr_Line1 = '16 Main St.', BillAddr_City = 'Middlefield', BillAddr_CountrySubDivisionCode = 'CA', BillAddr_PostalCode = '94482', BillAddr_Lat = '37.445013', BillAddr_Long = '-122.1391443', TaxIdentifier = 'XXXXXX9875', AcctNum = '1345' WHERE Id = '440'

Matt Paff posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply.

My issue came down to "which version of SQL query" I used. With a background in MS Access (Jet SQL), I default to double quotes "". Transact SQL and SkyVia require single quotes... Frustratingly simple, obvious issue, but all good now.