Query pulling data that does not exist in HubSpot CRM

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Melissa Wright posted this 06 November 2019


I've been noticing a slight discrepancy between data logged in HubSpot and what is showing up in the raw data reports from Skyvia. For example, if you run the "Raw data emails only" query within our instance of HubSpot with the range 10/1/19-10/31/19, you'll notice that Deanna Schneider shows up in the raw data, even though she has not engaged with the CTL since 2018. (The row of data is below). There was another person with the last name of Schneider who was logged in the particular Email in question, so it is possible that someone accidentally logged Deanna, realized the mistake and then deleted it, but Deanna does not currently have an Email logged to correspond with the raw data row. Does Skyvia include deleted information in the raw data export? Thank you for your help!

Deanna Schneider ds2453@columbia.edu Assistant Professor of Nursing Nursing Faculty School of Nursing Email Workshop: In House 10/1/19 21:00 John Foo 32931695 32931695 9/5/18 138


Mariia Zaharova posted this 07 November 2019

Hello Melissa!


We do not have access to your saved queries and cannot run them on your connections. Please send us more details regarding the issue you have (send us the exact query, some screenshots with the results, describe expected results, etc.).


Looking forward to your reply.


Best regards,