Redundant Columns in SQL Table Error

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AWP Skyvia posted this 02 December 2022


We are currently receiving this error below on one of our replication packages. There is only one column with this name in our dbo.Contact table. Additionally, I am unable to drop this field from the Task Editor because this field does not exist in the selection. Let us know if you are familiar with this issue or if you need any additional information at [email protected] and [email protected]

Package failed: Table 'dbo.Contact' schema validation failed: Redundant columns: smagicinteract__SMSOptOut__c


Mariia Zaharova posted this 05 December 2022

Hello Sam.


Thank you for contacting us.


This error means that the corresponding source field is not available anymore while the target column is still there. I.e. the smagicinteract__SMSOptOut__c field was removed from the Contacts table in Salesforce but the corresponding column was not removed from the target database table.

You can remove it from the database table manually or perform a full replication with table recreation.

Some helpful information can be found here.


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