Replication - Async API not enabled for this Salesforce account. Disable Bulk API.

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Jonathan Wilford posted this 26 July 2018


I have a replication set up that pulls my salesforce data into SQL. I have professional edition so I am using the SOAP API and we have not exceeded our API call limit. 

The replication is set up to run on the hour every hour during the working day (last run at 6pm). I have incremental updates enabled. The replication has been running non stop for the past 1 week with out any issues. All of a sudden each replication is failing and the message in the title is what i receive when it fails. The Salesforce connection settings has Bulk disabled and i am confused as to why it keeps on comming up with this error message.


Thank you


Mariia Zaharova posted this 27 July 2018

 We are working on this issue. We will post here the results as soon as possible.