Replication: free definition of schema and object name in target destination (SQL)

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Admin IT posted this 15 June 2017

Current Situation
Currently the replication implies the same object names in the target destination (SQL) as in the source.
Where source connections do not support specific schema, the default schema is applied implicitly.

Feature Request
It would give more flexibility and improve the integration in the target database (SQL) for replication objects according to specific naming standards, if for each replication object, the schema and object name in the replication destination (target) could be defined explicitly.

Source: Salesforce pba__Closing__c
Target with implicit logic (today): [dbo].[pba__Closing__c]
Target with explicit naming (future): [Salesforce_Extract].[Closing]

Mariia Zaharova posted this 15 June 2017

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider the possibiity to add such a feature. We will definitely inform you about the results as soon as any are available.