Replication of Salesforce Object and Schema Changes

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ROHIT JAIN posted this 01 March 2018

I am evaluating this tool for data replication from Salesforce to SQL Server database. I want to know if we make any Schema change in Salesforce object ( for example add new field) ,

1. Is that replication process auto take care of this new field and create a new field in SQL Database ? 

2. Is the database table is dropped and recrated with full replication again instead of incremental  ? 


Mariia Zaharova posted this 02 March 2018

Unfortunately, Skyvia cannot track schema changes for now. In cases when new object/fields are added in the source, you have to perform full replication. To do this you need to select the "Create tables" and "Drop tables" check boxes and reset the value of the LastSyncTime parameter in the package editor. In this case, all the tables from the replication package will be recreated and all the data will be copied.

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