Replication to MySQL database issues

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Amanda Blue posted this 4 weeks ago


I would like to create a reoccuring task to update a MySQL database daily from Salesforce. I would like to make the updates based on any updates that occured to the records in the previous day but I can't figure out how to get that to happen.

So, I tried to just get my job to overwrite the entier current data set with a new one. I can get the job to run the first time, but whe I try to run it again with "Drop Tables" checked, I am getting errors, "Index was outsidet he bounds of the array." and Talbe "User" already exists.



Mariia Zaharova posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Amanda,


Talbe "User" already exists.

This error occurs when an "Incremental Updates" option is not used and only the "Create Tables" checkbox is selected. Skyvia cannot check whether the table exists or not. If you want to run your package without "Incremental Updates", you need to select the "Drop Tables" checkbox after the first successful run so that target tables are recreated during each next run. Also, as we have already mentioned, it is not recommended to modify an already working Replication package. If you want to add new tables to the package please create another separate package.


"Index was outside the bounds of the array."

Please configure the package so that it fails with this error and allow us to run in the test mode. We will not access your data, the package will be performed with the extended logging.


Best regards,