Replication with QuickBooksOnline -- truncation error on Customer Table

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Chris Carson posted this 11 March 2021

Good morning! 

I built a replication package for QuickBooks Online -- I'm replicating data between QBO and a SQL Server data warehouse.

In the replication for the dbo.Customer, I got approx. 40 errors that the field "CompanyName" would be truncated. 

Confused over why this would happen, since for the initial run of the replication pakcage I had specified "Create Tables" on the Target Server. 

The resulting created table defines CompanyName as nvarchar(50), but there are several records where CompanyName exceeds 50 characters.


Please advise? 

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Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 17 March 2021

Hello Chris,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

Most likely, QuickBooks changed their API documentation recently. Currently, 'CompanyName' field can carry maximum of 100 chars.

We created a request for our development team to investigate this and will let you know once there is any progress.

Bruno Lauwers posted this 04 August 2021

Hello Dmitriy,

We are a new customer and I have just setup an integration with Quickbooks Online to an SQL server, and I have the same error.

Some companynames are apparently too long and would be truncated - I also noticed that these records are not replicated.

Is there maybe a setting that I can say it is OK to truncate?

Can I solve this by making the field in our SQL-database bigger?

Is there some timeline for resolving this at your side?


Kind Regards,




Bruno Lauwers posted this 05 August 2021

I changed the field on SQL and it is working now without errors

Olena Romanchuk posted this 06 August 2021

Hello Bruno, 

Extending the SQL field is a workaround in this case.
We will check the CompanyName field length in our QuickBooks connector again and update it. 
Please let us know if any help is needed. 

Customer support engineer