Salesforce Upsert scheduling

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Tanushree Singh posted this 25 September 2019



I want to understand how does your Upsert scheduling feature work. How does Skyvia know which file is to be picked up everytime?




Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 26 September 2019

Hello Tanushree,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

When setting up an import package with a file storage as a source, one specifies a file name that Skyvia will pick up and use for the job.

A file name should be the same each time and Skyvia will try to fetch it for each run. Otherwise, an error "file not found" will be shown.

There is a possibility to use file masks using a date/time template instead of selecting a file. When package runs, it will search the file to import by substituting the current date to the mask.

This feature is available for such sources as Dropbox, FTP and sFTP.

Here are the details.

In Skyvia, UPSERT determines what action to perform in the following way: if a Null value is specified for the ID or primary key, UPSERT operation inserts the record, and if a non-null value is specified, UPSERT operation tries to update the record with the specified ID or primary key. 

More details about UPSERT can be found here.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.